Marchant Card Funding

Merchant Card Funding

Finding the right solution for your business is our top priority. There are many different solutions available, and a merchant cash advance is an innovative and flexible alternative to a loan. Merchant funding allows you to gain access to the cash your business needs in a flexible way, providing you with an advance on projected credit/ debit card sales.

Simply put, the lender provides businesses with a sum of money, which the business pays back through a percentage of its customer’s card payments. Hence, merchant funding is most suitable for consumer-facing sectors or businesses that experience seasonal peaks. If your business doesn’t have any assets or few assets, a merchant cash advance can be a useful as this funding solution utilises your card terminal to secure lending. This is ideal for businesses with a large amount of card transactions but few assets.

A merchant cash advance can be a useful funding solution for SMEs – funding is not only flexible – it allows you to secure funds for your business quickly. At Jones & Co we are innovators of alternative business finance, helping businesses secure merchant cash advance funding quickly and easily.

Benefits of Merchant Funding