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Tax Funding

Struggling to manage tax payments?

Tax finance is used by businesses just like yours who do not have the necessary cash reserves to fully cover an upcoming tax payment.

We have strong working relationships with a wide variety of lenders.

This means that, whatever your requirements are, we’re able to connect you with the right lender at the right time for the right price. 

Everything we do is tailored to your organisational needs. It’s our job to find the perfect finance option for you.

How does tax funding work?

You’ll have various tax deadlines to meet throughout the business year, but for many SMEs and sole traders, the cost of tax bills can leave you without a healthy amount of cash flow.

This might mean that you cannot continue trading with confidence. Tax funding helps you spread the cost of tax payments, limiting the impact on both your cash flow and working capital. 

It can be used for both personal and corporate tax bills, including:

  • VAT bills
  • PAYE bills
  • Corporation tax bills
  • Self-assessment tax bills
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Our tax funding covers


VAT bills – something any VAT-registered business has to deal with, but it needn’t be a headache!

If an upcoming VAT bill is looking substantial, why not spread the cost using tax funding? It’s the easiest way to ensure your cash flow remains healthy.

Corporation tax

Corporation tax loans are commonplace among SMEs. 

Don’t let a significant corporation tax bill affect your bottom line. Instead, spread the cost through our tailored tax funding facility.

Personal tax (self-assessment)

If you’re a sole trader, your yearly self-assessment might weigh heavily on your shoulders. 

Self-assessment tax funding is the best way to alleviate this pressure, providing an easy way to spread the cost of your self-assessment bill.

The benefits of tax funding

Rapid turnarounds

Tax funding decisions are usually made within 24 hours – it’s one of the quickest funding options available to businesses and individuals.

Flexible repayment options

Spread the cost over 6-12 months for corp task or self-assessment, and 3 months for VAT, meaning your cash flow doesn’t come to a sudden halt!

Can fund historic tax/arrears

Tax funding doesn’t just apply to your present situation. It can also be used on historic tax or arrears that are yet to be paid.

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Tax Funding

Our mission

Built on a long heritage of business finance, our traditional approach is centred around you, your business and your needs. 

No algorithms, no over-complicated process, no complex application forms, just our people, taking the time to get to know you and your business, before using our highly knowledgeable and creative underwriting techniques to connect you to the right funding at the right time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I get a loan to pay my tax?

    The purpose of tax loans is to assist in managing your cash flow. Our unsecured tax loans are a popular facility that lets you divide the expense of your tax obligation into more manageable monthly payments. In essence, your lender provides you the funds to cover your outstanding tax payments, then you pay affordable monthly payments to cover the cost. As lenders we may require security, however for loans under £250k we wouldn’t need a personal guarantee.

    What happens if I can't pay my tax?

    If you haven’t made an arrangement with HMRC to pay your income tax and haven’t paid it, they may conduct additional enforcement action. Although tax evasion rarely results in legal action or jail time, HMRC has the power to seize your belongings, including cars, and put them up for auction (a process known as “distraint”). Tax funding is a great way to cover your taxes if cash is tight, allowing you to spread the cost of your tax bill.

    How do I get finance for my corporation tax bill?

    Lending made expressly to cover tax obligations—including company tax—is available from Jones & Co. The loan value plus interest will be repaid in manageable monthly instalments; interest rates may vary depending on the length of the loan, the assets you own as a firm, and your trade history.