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You need to nurture your business in order for it to flourish. It’s our passion to find the perfect finance solution that allows you to realise your goals.

Our traditional approach is centred around you, your business and your needs.

Built on a long heritage of business finance, we’re cutting out the over-complicated processes and injecting the human aspect back into business finance in Birmingham. 

By working with Jones & Co, you’ll have people by your side every step of your finance journey. You can browse some of our finance options below. Let’s get this right, together.

Our finance options

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business finance solutions - Jones and Co finance

Business Loans

Business Loans

Unsecured/secured business loan facilities for any purpose.

business finance solutions office conversation

Asset Finance

Asset Finance

Make CAPEX purchases more bespoke and affordable.

graph projections of business finance Birmingham - Jones and Co finance

Tax Funding

Tax Funding

Better manage your VAT/corp/PAYE/self-assessment tax payments.

merchant card finance meeting

Merchant Card Finance

Merchant Card Finance

Small business merchant loans for companies with an online sales platform or PDQ machine.

business refinancing for the warehouse industry.

Business Refinancing

Business Refinancing

Release equity from existing assets/consolidate multiple loans into one single facility.

property finance projections - Jones and Co

Property Finance

Property Finance

Development/bridging/commercial mortgages for various uses.

invoice finance brokers meeting.

Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing

Access to funds locked up in existing invoices.

Our ethos

Passionate Finance, Expertly Delivered

Motivated by passion, our boutique finance partnerships are designed to be tailored specifically to your needs; there is no one-size-fits-all finance solution.

We’ll take the time to get to know you, your business and your needs, before connecting you to the right funding at the right time. 

Let’s take things back to basics.

Over £150m worth of finance raised since 2015

Over 50 private and boutique funders on our panel

(not available on the common market)

Over 25 years of finance history.

Successfully providing finance to over0 customers

business finance brokers at Jones and Co

The team

Dedicated brokers, just for you.

Our team of dedicated relationship managers have one job – to find you the perfect commercial finance product. 

By asking the right questions, taking the time and fully underwriting your business, we’re able to find you the perfect funding options in the quickest possible time

Bringing decades of experience into funding businesses, we believe that there’s the right financial solution out there for every business.

Our success is our client's success

“Rory & Tallulah made the process effortless”

Rory & Tallulah made the process effortless with high pressure our end the team turned it round in less than 24 hours couldn’t recommend enough.

Emily Horne

“They are the best. Look no further"

If you’re in need of capital outside of the traditional banks then these guys are the best. I have used them several times over the past 10 years and they have always delivered. And they go the extra mile. If there is a problem they fix it. I could not recommend them more highly.

Paul C

“Top Class Service”

We work closely in conjunction with Rory & Lula on a daily basis, facilitating funding solutions for our clients. The service received is exemplary and our relationship will only strengthen based upon this. Look forward to working together for many years to come.

James Cassidy

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